Jeff’s Bio

Jeff’s Bio

A&P Mechanic, Author, Photographer, Publisher


Born and raised in Central Florida – Land of the giant mouse, eleven time world champ Kelly Slater (as of this writing in 2016), orange trees in the back yard. I have an wide educational background, I never completed my Bachelors degree, but changed majors several times.


As a former NCO in the U.S. Army, I was a crew chief on H-60 Blackhawk helicopters. I currently work for a part 135 airline, operating in Central Africa. Now, while working with aircraft, I have also been involved in various projects, from our now defunct Soaked Magazine, to my current writing project Write to Know, and my photography projects Caramelized Photography and Caramelized Magazine. My free time is spent traveling (when possible) and surfing (since 1980).


Stay tuned for further adventures. You can friend me on Facebook or LinkedIn, contact me here, or see the other pages for further info.